'More men falling prey to cancer in MP compared to women'

  • Neeraj Santoshi, Hindustan Times, Bhopal
  • Updated: Feb 04, 2015 18:12 IST

Men are getting cancer more frequently than women in Madhya Pradesh, according to the data from a premier cancer care institute. According to the data of the last three years at the Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Bhopal, 6,520 people were diagnosed with cancer in the last one year.

Of these, 3488 were males and 3032 females. In 2013, the number of males diagnosed with cancer was 3,462 compared to 3,098 females. The trend continued in 2012, when 3,485 men were diagnosed with cancer while 3,182 cases were those of women.

Dr N Ganesh, head at Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, said overall the cases of oral cancer among men in Bhopal was highest in the country. "Because of this more men get cancer compared to women who primarily suffer from breast and cervical cancers," he said.

He further said the exact number of new cancer cases must be much higher as all patients don't register themselves at the hospital. "Many patients go for treatment to private hospitals both in the capital and outside the state," he said.

"People in Bhopal have the habit of chewing tobacco, which has led to spurt in oral cancers over the years," surgical oncologist Dr Rahul Aggarwal Bhopal said. On the trend of increase in the number of cancer cases, Dr Aggarwal said there were two factors responsible for this trend.

"There has been a rise in the population and at the same time more and more people have become aware. People now come to test for cancer, especially females in significant numbers," he said.

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