MP: Rains snap prison phone lines, turn killjoy for inmates

  • Anuraag Singh, Hindustan Times, Bhopal
  • Updated: Jul 18, 2016 17:47 IST
The 15-minute mulaqat takes place on Monday and Saturday in the Satna jail. (HT file photo)

Not only the residents, but also the jailbirds in Madhya Pradesh have been affected by the rain spell lashing the state for the last two weeks.

The central jail in Satna, which is one of the worst rain-hit districts in the state, has suspended telephonic mulaqat between the prisoners and their dear ones after rain snapped the electric circuit of all 13 electronic private automatic branch exchange (EPABX) telephone lines on Thursday.

The 15-minute mulaqat takes place on Monday and Saturday in the jail, which houses over 3,000 prisoners, including 1,000 convicts.

The telephonic mulaqat began in MP from the Jabalpur central jail four years ago on the lines of the ones in the UK jails.

Most of the central jails in the state have adopted the practice which is highly popular among jailbirds, Satna central jail superintendent Shephali Rajesh said.

“The rain and lighting have taken their toll on all the electronic systems in the jail, including the CCTV cameras and EPABX apparatus. About 70 prisoners availed themselves of the telephonic mulaqat daily behind the glass doors. But, this has been suspended till further orders,” Rajesh said.

“We had no option, but to switch to the old system of inmates talking to their kin through iron- webbed window rooms in front of the jail guards. We hope to restore the telephonic mulaqat by the end of this week,” Rajesh said.

The old system allows only three prisoners at a time against 13 in the telephonic mulaqat.

“We know it is painful for the jail inmates, but we don’t have any other option. They’ll have to bear with us,” the jail superintendent said.

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