Petlawad took his dad, now cancer stalks him

  • Ritesh Mishra, Hindustan Times, Petlawad (Jhabua)
  • Updated: Oct 12, 2015 20:57 IST
Tushar with his mother, Sonu (Shankar Mourya/HT)

For seven-year-old Tushar, a blood cancer patient, life changed overnight after his father, Vijay Rathore died in the Petlawad. But Tushar lives with a hope.

“Papa bhagwaaan ke ghar gaye hain kuch dino ke liye,” he says then adds “Papa laut ayenge.”

Tushar studies in Upper KG at Saint Mary Convent School in the town. His father wanted him to become a doctor but seven months back he was detected with blood cancer.

Rathore used to take Tushar to a hospital in Ahmedabad with the hope that his son will recover one day. But things changed after he died in the blast.

“Tushar now prefers to sit at home quietly watch cartoon shows on TV and rushes towards the door as soon as anyone knocks, hoping that his father has returned’, says his mother, Sonu.

“He avoids school now, and prefers to spend his time indoors. After my husband’s death, money for Tushar’s treatment in Ahmedabad is given by the Madhya Pradesh government,” she says. “Things have been very difficult after the death of Tushar’s father.”

She says that she has to take her son to Ahmedabad every week and faces a lot of difficulty in reaching the hospital.

“The CM came to our house and said that Tushar’s treatment money will be given by the government. A week later, an ambulance was sent to ferry my son and me from Petlawad to Ahmedabad, but after that no one came. The treatment is free but difficulties have doubled after Tushar’s father death.”

She says that every Tuesday, she has to plead with her relatives or neighbours to accompany her and her son to Ahmedabad.

“We go by bus to Bamania and catch a train for Baroda and from there we have to change a bus to Ahmedabad,” she says. “Doctors say the treatment will continue for next two years. How will I manage it? When Tushar’s father was alive, we had no problem, he used to manage the journey.”

Tushar’s life has completely changed after the death of his father, says his grandfather, Babu Lal Rathore.

“He was very happy kid even after he was suffering from cancer but after his father’s death his attitude has changed,” he says.

“Now Tushar never ask for anything from anyone, he prefers to sit alone and this is worrying us.”

But Sonu has not given up. “I will die but I will treat my son and educate him. He is everything to me now. Tushar will become a doctor to fulfill his father’s dream,” she says.

The boy quietly stands up and consoles his mother. “Papa aayenge,” he says, hugging her.

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