Tinted glasses, fancy number plates on Bhopal roads despite SC ban

  • Kalyan Das, Hindustan Times, Bhopal
  • Updated: May 24, 2016 19:10 IST
Cars with banned black tinted glasses parked at MP Nagar. (Praveen Bajpai/HT photo)

Despite the Supreme Court ordering a complete ban on the use of tinted glasses on the windscreens and other glass panels on the vehicles across the country in 2012, the vehicle owners in Bhopal are rampantly violating the apex court order and running their vehicles with black tinted glasses. In addition, they are freely using fancy number plates which completely violate the rules of the Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989.

In the year 2012, a Supreme Court bench headed by the then Chief Justice of India, SH Kapadia, had ordered a complete ban on the use of tinted glasses or tinted plastic films irrespective of the degree of visibility on windscreens and rear glasses. It had also directed the police officers to take stringent action against the offenders.

Violating the order, many people in Bhopal are putting tinted plastic films on the glasses of their cars. “I know that the use of tinted glasses is illegal but they help in protecting us from the sunlight and heat inside the car,” said SK Verma, a car owner, while talking to HT on the issue.

While passing the order, the apex court had also said that the use of black films in had proved to be criminals’ paradise as such vehicles help them in escaping after committing heinous crimes like rape, robbery and kidnapping.

“I am fully aware that criminals mostly use the cars with tinted glasses which help them in committing crime. People like me use the tinted glasses for valid reasons but have to suffer because of such people,” added Verma.

Apart from the tinted glasses, many vehicle owners are putting fancy number plates with the registration number written in an illegal font style. According to the Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989, the letters on the number plate should be in English with numerals in Arabic and no fancy lettering in it.

Most of the offenders who use fancy number plates on their vehicles say that it makes their vehicles stand out of the league of other vehicles which use proper number plates as per the law. “Normal number plates are a normal routine thing, but having an unique number plate gives a touch of style to one’s vehicle,” said an offender on condition of anonymity whose vehicle was having a number plate having numerals written resembling the word ”BOSS”.

Police regularly penalize the offenders: ASP

Speaking to HT on the issue, additional superintendent of police (traffic) Sameer Yadav said that stringent action is being taken against the offenders on regular basis.

“The police regularly penalize the offenders. If their vehicles are found with tinted glasses or a fancy number plate, a penalty of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 is imposed on them as per the law. The police do not spare any offender. We also take action against offenders based on the complaints received from common people through the ‘traffic warden’ group on WhatsApp launched by the traffic police,” added Yadav.

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