5 films which wouldn’t have been possible without stuntmen

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  • Updated: Mar 03, 2016 17:16 IST
Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang was a remake of Knight And Day. (YouTube)

If you got a chance to look at Akshay Kumar’s open letter to stuntmen in Bollywood, you’ll realise that ‘unsung heroes’ of Bollywood are the people who actually turn an ordinary actor into a star. They work day and night, giving retakes after retakes to perfect a stunt scene, all the while hoping against hope that the shot goes through glitch-free. We have compiled a list of five such films which simply wouldn’t have been possible without stuntmen.

Dhoom 2 (2006): Director Sanjay Gadhvi wanted to cash in on Hrithik Roshan’s good looks in an out and out action film, but things looked dicey as it wouldn’t be easy for a mainstream Bollywood star to shoot in the middle of a desert. You can’t protect the freshness of the star’s face without using a body double. So, most of the breath-taking action scenes you saw in Dhoom 2 happened because of stunt director Allan Amin who took the pain to stage elaborated action sequences.

Kick (2014): Paid on a daily basis, stuntmen get anything in between 3,000-10,000, depending on their experience, but is that money enough for people who put their life at risk for stars who take a much fatter paycheque home. Hope you haven’t forgotten the cycle-train sequence in Salman Khan-starrer Kick yet.

Ek Tha Tiger (2012): Have you heard of Jawed Al Berni, the man who stood in place of Salman Khan in some of the film’s toughest action scenes? Shouldn’t he be credited with more recognition?

Bang Bang (2014): Darr sabko lagta hai, gala sabka sookhta hai. Yes, even the biggest of stars need people for their daredevil stunts. Bang Bang, a remake of Hollywood film Knight And Day, featured amazing action scenes, thanks to stuntmen par excellence.

Khiladi 420 (2000): Unlike the West, we hardly have insurance policy for stuntmen here. In fact, Jackie Shroff’s film Stuntman tries to bring out the plight of these people. Now, when Akshay Kumar has written this letter, we hope to see a little more sensitive approach to Bollywood stuntmen. After all, Khiladi Kumar has used them in many films including Khiladi 420 which is among his best action films.

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