Aamir Khan is too fat to bend, needs help to tie shoelaces

  • Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Jun 15, 2015 15:45 IST

Actors tend to bring about extreme changes to their physical appearance to do justice to the roles they play in films.

Aamir Khan, who plays the wrestler, Mahavir Phogat, in his next film - Dangal, has beefed up to look the character. From 68, the actor now weighs 98kg.

Now reports suggest that because of being overweight (the actor’s height is apparently 5 feet 5 inches), Aamir is facing difficulty in bending, and he needs someone to help him every time he has to put on his socks and or shoelaces.


Aamir Khan learns wrestling moves to prepare for his next film, Dangal, where he plays an ex-wrestler.

Preparing for the Nitesh Tiwari's film on wrestling, Aamir earlier said that he plans to shed kilos next year in order to look like a 27-year-old man for Dangal. "Right now, I am learning wrestling and Haryanvi, and putting on weight. So, you can say I am in full prep mode," says Aamir, who feels he has put on "enough weight" for his part. "Currently, I am at my heaviest. I weigh 90kg, which is a lot for a person of my height," he adds.


Aamir Khan at the succes party for PK.

Aamir Khan, whose last release (PK; 2014) created box-office records, will have his next Bollywood outing after a two-year gap. The actor’s wrestling-based film Dangal, which is being directed by Nitesh Tiwari, is set for a Christmas 2016 release.

The actor also reveals that while heavy weight training is part of his current regime, he is ensuring that he doesn’t lose fat. "I don’t think I need [to put on] any more weight, because I have to lose it all to play a 27-year-old man in the same film. So, the heavier I get, the tougher it will be for me to cut down later on," says Aamir, who will be seen as an ex-wrestler in Dangal.

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