Akshay Kumar wants the name 'Khiladi' trademarked

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    Make way as the Khiladi has arrived once again! Akshay Kumar is already busy with the promotion of his upcoming film Khiladi 786. Take a ...

  • Akshay Kumar

    Akshay Kumar poses for a picture during a promotion of the upcoming film Khiladi 786.

  • Akshay Kumar

    Akshay Kumar will once again be seen a rustic avatar in Khiladi 786, which has been directed by Ashish R Mohan.

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    Khiladi Kumar poses with singer, co-star and music director Himesh Reshammiya.

  • Khiladi 786

    Khiladi 786 is scheduled to release on December 7 this year.

Since 1992, he has acted in seven Khiladi films. And now, as Akshay Kumar prepares for his eighth outing with the upcoming Khiladi 786, he is set to take his association with the successful franchise a step forward. The actor is getting the name ‘Khiladi’ trademarked with the Trade Marks Registry.

“Khiladi has become a brand that Akshay is associated with. And Akshay is very emotional about it. That’s why he has decided to apply for a trademark,” says an insider.

Apparently, his office has already initiated the process with the concerned authorities. “It has been on Akshay’s mind for a long time, but due to his back-to-back film schedule, he didn’t have time to take it to the next level earlier,” adds the insider.

If it gets trademarked, no one will be allowed to use the name Khiladi without his permission. “The idea is to bar its usage for commercial purposes, including films, TV, advertisements and other industries,” adds the insider. The only exception to this rule will be his son, Aarav.

Sources inform us that Akshay is yet to take a call on whether he will file the application in the Delhi or Mumbai office of the Trade Marks Registry. When contacted, Akshay replied via a text message saying: “It’s too early for me to comment on it.”

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