Anupama Chopra’s Masterclass: Hrithik Roshan on how assisting his father taught him discipline

  • Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Sep 24, 2014 15:55 IST

Actor Hrithik Roshan bared his heart in a candid chat with film journalist Anupama Chopra for the second episode of the latter's show on YouTube, Masterclass. Known for his reticence when it comes to opening up about his personal life, Hrithik made an exception on the show and talked about his life, his journey to stardom and many other details hitherto hidden from the public eye.

When asked how assisting his father Rakesh Roshan helped carve his own career, Hrithik said, "It grounds you completely. Knowing how hard the people behind the camera work, it takes away all your fake ego, pride. An actor can’t attain much if he doesn’t have the knowledge about what happens behind the camera. It’s essential for every actor to know. I was the sixth assistant and there were times when I was the last in line to have bath."

Watch: Anupama Chopa's Masterclass with Hrithik Roshan

He added, "Sometimes actors have this notion that the producers and his entire team are taking him for a ride, 99.9 Percent times that is not true, but they believe this way. But, due to my training as an assistant director I am aware of the real situation and it helps me in taking crucial decisions."

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Hrithik seems ready to handle his criticism in a healthy spirit now, "If my films are not doing well and people are writing bad then I am not going to resist it. I will leave that aside and will keep doing my work."

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