Bipasha Basu wants to be a ‘scream queen’

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  • Updated: Sep 27, 2012 19:12 IST
  • bipasha

    Bollywood actor Bipasha Basu stands near the autorickshaws during the promotion of her upcoming horror flick Raaz 3 in Mumbai recently. (PTI Photo)

  • bipasha

    Bipasha Basu is busy hanging nimbu-mirchi on autorickshaws for Raaz 3 as a part of promotions.

  • bipasha

    Bipasha Basu poses during a promotional event for her film Raaz 3 in Mumbai recently. (AFP Photo)

  • Bipasha Basu

    Bipasha Basu seduces and scares at the same time in Raaz 3 trailers. The movie that releases next week will see the bongshell with Emraan ...

  • Raaz 3

    Bips wears a traditional Bengali sari while promoting Raaz 3.

  • Raaz 3

    A cake depicts Emraan romancing Bipasha and Esha.

  • Bipasha and Emraan

    Bipasha and Emraan pose with the special Raaz 3 cake.

  • Bipasha

    Bipasha doesn't look like her character though.

  • Bipasha

    Bipasha poses with her mom and dad.

  • Bipasha

    Bipasha Basu performs a puja.

The actor calls herself the ‘tigress’ of the industry and now aspires to become the Nicole Kidman of Bollywood.

Your Raaz 3D co-star Emraan Hashmi’s been calling you a serial killer. Why?
During a late night promotional event in Dubai, I was asked if he inspired me in any way. I was sleepy and instead of saying ‘kisser’, I said ‘killer’. So, I landed up telling him that I wanted his enviable ‘serial killer’ tag. (Laughs) But it’s not a bad tag! I enjoy the TV series Dexter, where there’s a reason for every kill. Quentin Tarantino is a favourite and a Kill Bill action-packed movie would be up my street. I’d love to be India’s first scream queen!

Scream queen?
Yes. I want to get into the space of Nicole Kidman and Sarah Michelle Gellar in Bollywood. Given all the supernatural films I’ve done — Raaz (2002), Rakht (2004), Darna Zaroori Hai (2006), Raaz 3D (2012) — and Atma that follows, it should be easy. Though I am yet to play a ghost.

Will we see you in Raaz 4 next?  
I don’t know about Raaz 4, but Vishesh Films, Vikram Bhatt and I are working towards building brand Bipasha. The Bhatts are the best people to take my acting career forward. 

So it took the Bhatts to bring Bipasha back?
Corporate (2006) got me a different audience too. But yes, Raaz 3D is the kind of hit I’d given up on. It’s the only adult movie in the top 15 list with weekend figures of R36 crore. After ‘Tiger’ Salman (Khan), they’re now calling me the ‘Tigress’, and if I get even five per cent of his draw, I’ll be very happy.

But the reviews weren’t kind.
The critics panned the film but raved over my performance. It’s a rare victory for a female actor who didn’t have to turn de-glam to prove that she could act. I’ve looked my hottest in Raaz 3D. I hope producers offer me author-backed roles. A biopic could be a challenge.

What about the Bhanwari Devi film?
I was never doing that film. This is a story sourced in newspapers.

Have the men deserted you after Raaz 3D as you’d feared?
(Laughs) No, they love me more, but I’m not in love with anyone.

No secrets, huh! So, is Emraan a good kisser?
(Laughs) He is!


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