Bipasha denies being irritated by crowd in Ahmedabad

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  • Updated: Sep 03, 2012 15:27 IST
  • bipasha

    Bollywood actor Bipasha Basu stands near the autorickshaws during the promotion of her upcoming horror flick Raaz 3 in Mumbai recently. (PTI Photo)

  • bipasha

    Bipasha Basu is busy hanging nimbu-mirchi on autorickshaws for Raaz 3 as a part of promotions.

  • bipasha

    Bipasha Basu poses during a promotional event for her film Raaz 3 in Mumbai recently. (AFP Photo)

  • Bipasha Basu

    Bipasha Basu seduces and scares at the same time in Raaz 3 trailers. The movie that releases next week will see the bongshell with Emraan ...

  • Raaz 3

    Bips wears a traditional Bengali sari while promoting Raaz 3.

  • Raaz 3

    A cake depicts Emraan romancing Bipasha and Esha.

  • Bipasha and Emraan

    Bipasha and Emraan pose with the special Raaz 3 cake.

  • Bipasha

    Bipasha doesn't look like her character though.

  • Bipasha

    Bipasha poses with her mom and dad.

  • Bipasha

    Bipasha Basu performs a puja.

It was reported that Bipasha Basu was mobbed by fans in Ahmedabad while promoting Raaz 3 a few days back and was irritated with the chaos. However, the actress denies such reports.

"Even I don't know what happened. I have got a lot of love from everywhere, be it Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata. So I don't know from where this news came, though there was a lot of crowd," she said here in an interview.

"I was not irritated at all, in fact, I am very happy with the way publicity is happening. There is a lot of love, nothing negative has happened. So I am unaware about where the news cropped up from," she added.

Meanwhile, as a promotional tactic for her horror thriller Raaz 3, Bipasha recently distributed lemon and chillies, known to ward off bad omen, to rickshawallahs.

When asked if she is promoting superstition by doing such things, Bipasha, 33, said: "See, everyone is superstitious. The higher a person reaches, the more emotional and insecure he is. So everyone is superstitious a bit, like the cat crossing your way, lemon and chillies being put up. All this happens in everyone's house. So we are not promoting superstition, these are small things everyone believes in."

Raaz 3 is the third film in the Raaz franchise that began in 2002. The film marks the comeback of director Vikram Bhatt and Bipasha to the Bhatt camp and hits theatres Friday.


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