Bollywood preview: The Attacks Of 26/11

  • Nana Patekar

    Nana Patekar in a still from The Attacks of 26/11 that releases today. (Photo courtesy: Facebook)

  • Sanjeev Jaiswal

    Sanjeev Jaiswal (in the image) plays the tole of Ajmal Kasab, the main convict for the 2008 terrorist attacks on Mumbai, in the movie The ...

  • The Attacks of 26/11

    The Attacks of 26/11

  • The Attacks of 26/11

    Ram Gopal varma's movie The Attacks of 26/11 that releases today is based on the terrorist attacks on Mumbai in 2008. (Photo courtesy: Facebook)

  • The Attacks on 26/11

    A still from the movie The Attacks on 26/11 that releases today. The movie is bases on 2008 terrorist attacks on Mumbai.

  • The Attacks of 26/11

    A still from the movie The Attacks of 26/11. The movie explores various psychological aspects of the brutal attacks on Mumbai in 2008. (Photo courtesy: ...

Hours before the film releases and a day before the reviews appear, here’s what you can expect from this week’s release…

Film: The Attacks Of 26/11

Nana Patekar (last seen in Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal; 2012) and Sanjeev Jaisal (debut)

Based on the catastrophic 26/11 attacks on Mumbai, the film cinematically recreates what happened over those terror-filled days when the city was under siege.

Director :
Ram Gopal Varma 
Last directed Bhoot Returns (2012). This sequel to the 2003 film, Bhoot, joined the long list of horror film sequels that failed to impress audiences and critics alike. Reportedly, it did not do too well at the box office either. 
Music: Amar Mohile, Rooshin Dalal, Kaizad Gherda, Vishal Khosla and Sushil Khosla
The soundtrack has been deemed far from memorable. Not many have even heard of the album, forget having liked the songs. But then we doubt the audience is expecting any chartbusting tracks from the film either.

Even though Ramu went to town announcing that his next “is absolutely a non-controversial film”, nothing could stop it from running into some trouble at least. Earlier this week, reports claimed that a lawyer tried to stop the film’s release in Andhra Pradesh as he feared it may lead to communal trouble. 

The makers released the first seven minutes of the film online to create some buzz. Nana Patekar, as a character inspired by Anti Terrorist Squad chief Rakesh Maria,
plays the role of the narrator. The actor, who is known to speak very fast, was apparently asked to articulate slowly for the part.

Our assessment
Since the film is based on one of the most heinous terror attacks in recent times, there is a certain amount of curiosity associated with how RGV has recreated the siege. Whether that curiosity will translate into footfalls at the theatre, only the coming Monday will tell.

Compiled by Serena Menon
For the final verdict, look out for Anupama Chopra’s review tomorrow in the Watch & Listen page of  Hindustan Times’ Do! section.


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