Censor board clears D-Day, retains dialogues about Pakistan

  • D-Day (2013): Arjun played an ex army officer in Nikhil Advani's spy thriller D-Day (2013) in hot pursuit of a dreaded underworld don based in ...

  • Arjun and Shruti make a good pair? We say yes.

  • Huma and Irrfan in the same frame? Win.

  • Irrfan Khan in what seems to be an important scene.

  • Epitome of middle class. Irrfan in a still.

  • Arjun Rampal lights up on screen.

  • Shruti Hassan in a poignant shot with Arjun Rampal.

  • Huma Qureshi at her sexy best.

  • Team D-Day seems to be cooking up a plot.

  • A very Tashan moment in D-Day style.

After holding his breath in anxiety and suspense, director Nikhil Advani can breathe easy.

D-Day, his film on cross-border terrorism about a bunch of RAW agents assigned to bring a Dawood-like terrorist back to India from Pakistan, was passed on Saturday by the Censor Board Of Film Certification with a few dialogue cuts and a U/A (permitted for children's viewing with parental guidance) certificate.

Surprisingly, no cuts were ordered in the verbal content regarding Pakistan.

Says the relieved director, "I expected some objection to what could be considered inflammatory dialogues about Pakistan. But the Censor Board has not touched a single word pertaining to Pakistan."

Filmmaker Nikhil Advani

What has gone are a few dialogues by Shruti Haasan who plays a Pakistani prostitute.

Says Advani, "These are lines where she does hardcore business bargaining with her clients. I was advised to get rid of these dialogues to obtain a U/A certificate. I happily took them off. My apprehensions were not about what Shruti's character has to say but about the far more important dialogues on cross-border terrorism. I am happy to say the Censor Board didn't touch any of those."


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