Director Omung Kumar denies that Salman was ever a part of Sarbjit

  • IANS, Mumbai
  • Updated: Apr 23, 2016 16:13 IST
Omung Kumar says that the rumours that he cut out a part about Salman Khan from the movie are complete nonsense. (Agencies)

Salman Khan may have once campaigned hard to free Sarabjit Singh but the director of the movie Sarbjit says that he was never part of the script.

According to reports, a part of the story in Sarbjit supposedly concerned Salman Khan. In 2012, Salman had campaigned on Twitter to free the real-life Sarabjit Singh from jail in Pakistan where he was confined for over 20 years for alleged spying.

Aishwarya Rai in a still from the movie. (YouTube)

The film is about Sarabjit’s sister’s struggle to get him freed.

Omung said: “This is just not true. We don’t know who started it, or why. Salman’s campaign to free Sarabjit was never part of our script. Ever! So where is the question of deleting an episode that was never in our film? We don’t know who started this nonsense.”

A mutual friend of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who plays Sarabjit’s sister in the upcoming film, and Salman said: “Neither Salman nor Aishwarya wish to have anything to do with one another. The last thing Salman would want is to have his name popping up in an Aishwarya-starrer. He doesn’t take kindly to his name being used without his consent.”

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