Emraan Hashmi charges extra for a song, producers not happy

  • Jigar Shah, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Aug 25, 2014 20:17 IST

Money is an integral part of any discussion in Bollywood. Massive budgets are set aside for films, and for actors' remunerations. So, recently, when Emraan Hashmi was asked to shoot an extra promotional song for his upcoming film, the actor did not complain about it at all. His straightforward demand was apparently for extra money.

“When the creative team asked Emraan to shoot an extra video for the promotions of the film, he told them that they would to pay him extra. This didn’t go down well with the team,” says a source.

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Apparently, Emraan demanded to be paid extra since he had to reschedule his dates to accommodate this number. The team also wanted immediate dates. “He was informed that it involved a lot of dancing, and since the actor isn’t known for his dancing prowess, he knew he’d have to practise the moves for a few days before shooting for the song,” adds the source.

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We’re told that this led to a bit of a tiff between the makers of another film and Emraan. “However, the producers of this film, very unwillingly, ended up paying Emraan as they thought this song would add to the film,” the source adds.

Emraan and the producers were unavailable for comment.

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