Emraan Hashmi goes the Ekta Kapoor way

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  • Updated: Sep 07, 2012 20:49 IST
  • Emraan Hashmi

    Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi visits Mahim Dargah in Mumbai. Could this be for the success of his upcoming film raaz 3D?

  • Emraan Hashmi

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His next release, Raaz 3, is based on superstitions, but little did we know that Emraan Hashmi believes these notions himself. If sources are to be believed, then the actor wears rings, just like Ekta Kapoor, to ward off evil and negative energies. In fact, we recently spotted a holy thread on his wrist as well.

A source tells us, “He is quite superstitious. And he has been like this for a while now. Emraan has slowly but definitely become one of the big stars in Bollywood today, and he doesn’t want anything to go wrong with his career or even in his personal life for that matter.” 

Apparently, Emraan wears various rings, each of which has its own significance.And now that he has acted in Raaz 3, his superstitious beliefs have only grown stronger.The source says, “Raaz 3 is all about black magic and other superstitions. After becoming part of the film and being influenced by the various superstitions that people have, he himself has become more superstitious.”

Ask Emraan about this and the actor doesn’t shy away from telling the truth. He says, “I do wear many rings. But more than being a superstition, it’s also a precaution. The film has been associated with a lot of occult and black magic, due to which I have been advised to wear all these rings to ward off evil. And that’s exactly what I am doing now.”


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