First trailer: Salman, Katrina in Ek Tha Tiger

  • Ek Tha Tiger

    Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif's Ek Tha Tiger directed by Kabir Khan has been making headlines ever since its announcement. And now that it's finally ...

  • Ek Tha Tiger

    Katrina will be seen playing a dance teacher in the film.

  • Ek Tha Tiger

    Katrina's character Zoya is a ballet dancer, who takes lessons in the dance form and also teaches it to her fellow students.

  • Ek Tha Tiger

    Ek Tha Tiger will release on Eid this year.

  • Ek Tha Tiger

    Salman Khan in a still from Ek Tha Tiger.

  • Ek Tha Tiger

    Salman Khan in a fight sequence from the film.

  • Ek Tha Tiger

    Katrina Kaif looks nice in the image.

  • Ek Tha Tiger

    Expectations are high from Ek Tha Tiger.

  • Salman-Katrina

    Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif's jodi might have a mixed track record at the box office, but their Ek Tha Tiger chemistry seems to look the ...

  • Katrina

    Arabic beauty! Katrina Kaif looks ethereal in her Mashallah avatar.

The 'injured' Tiger, aka Salman Khan, is sitting next to his senior, who's advising him not to kill anybody this time around. He says, "Tum jis mission pe jaate ho, koi na koi maara jaata hai. Tiger is mission mein tumhe sirf observe karna hai. Please yahan kisi ko maar mat dena." (You kill somebody or the other when you embark on a mission. Tiger, you have to just observe keenly in this mission. Please don't kill anyone)

The attitude of out Agent Tiger is clear from this opening shot - he's injured, he's angry and he wants to kill.

The fight sequences in the trailer look crisp and refreshing.

And then enters Katrina Kaif like a fresh breath of air. That's how they introduce themselves to each other:
Katrina: Hi, I'm Zoya, friends call me Zee
Salman: I'm Manish, friends call me Doordarshan
Katrina: Bahut kharaab joke tha (That was a bad joke)

The romance takes off, but there's a twist. Apparently, Salman, the jasoos is wooing Katrina just for his mission.

The chemistry between Salman and Katrina is natural. They undoubtedly look good together on screen.

Verdict: We're absolutely in love with this 'ghayal' tiger. What about you?

Ek Tha Tiger will release on August 15 this year.

In the dark world of intelligence and espionage, there are shadows without faces, and faces without names. Governments fight shadow battles through these soldiers of the unknown. Battles have no rules, no limits. Nobody on the outside knows what goes on in these secret organizations.

All information is guarded in the name of National security. But some stories escape the fiercely guarded classified files. Stories that become legends. This is a film about one such story, a story that is spoken about only in hushed whispers… a story that shook the very foundation of this dark world. But, like all reports that come out of this uncertain world, nobody will ever confirm those events. It may or may not have happened.


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