Bollywood divas having traits of ancient Roman empresses

  • Palak Gupta, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Mar 08, 2016 08:22 IST

Be it the bygone era or the present times, fairer sex has always managed to get their fair share of success by exhibiting certain traits and inspiring the lives around. On International Women’s Day, Hindustan Times draws up a list of ancient Roman women characters who etched their legacies and their stories have been told and retold time and again.

Find out which Bollywood actors resemble these strong-minded women and also which one of them you relate to:

Lucilla, The fighter: She was the princess of Rome and can be seen as a strong independent woman in the movie Gladiator. On sensing that her kingdom is being threatened, she carefully hatched an assassination plot, albeit the plan was a fiasco, she emerged as one mighty lady in spite of the incessant debacles.

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Talking about diligence, leaving behind one’s comfort zone and facing the crisis situation with grace and dignity, we wish to make note of the Bollywood star Katrina Kaif. This British-Indian beauty’s debut movie Boom was a flop yet she remained and gradually carved a niche for herself in the industry. Coming all the way from from London to Mumbai, learning a new language and then climbing the ladder of success is certainly a fighter characteristic. The trait that keeps us intrigued is her “never giving up” attitude and “standing confident and tall.”

So, if you are anything like her, risking your comforts, not caring about the initial failures and standing tall with a ‘never say no’ attitude, you are the present day Lucilla.

Hortensia; The orator: She was blessed with ability to articulately convince the masses with couple of words. This lady swayed the whole Rome and convinced a male dominant political party to exempt women from the war taxes. (Well, girls, if anyone of you is disgruntled with the budget, you may try her skills.)


When talking about the oratory, how can we not mention the Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone. Ever heard her talk? The boldness, class, attitude and the sheer conviction that she emits in her words garner all the attention from everyone alike. The poise, the softness, the pitch, the mesmerizing dialogue delivery- everything about her oratory makes us listen to her over and over again.

Thus, if your paralanguage and communication skills are more than enough to grab attention and convince people with the melodious voice, then you are the contemporary Hortensia.

Porcia Catonis; The Genius:

Daughter of Cato and second wife of Brutus, she is the classic example of ‘beauty with brains.’ In the ancient days when wars were a regular affair and women’s lives were not very easy, this lady was complimented by her husband that she might be weakened by her natural physical differences, but she was no way lagging behind the men folk on the mental fronts.

Beauty coupled with brains reminds us of Alia Bhatt. This Bhatt handles all the social media stories with elegance and tact. Given her age, she reacts constructively to all the negative comments showered at her and no wonder she has attained so many feats despite the tough competition in the industry. It definitely makes her the ultimate genius, considering her age with childlike attitude and her amazing career graph

So, if you have a flawless skin, doll like features, cuteness to die for topped with a bright brain, you are the modern day Portia Cartonis.

Livia Drussilla; The First lady: She was an opinionated woman who took the role of modern day first lady. Having said this, she was her husband’s strength and represented him and his family in almost all the events with poise and dignity. Family was a priority, despite being an established and super successful woman herself.

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After careful consideration, we felt that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has similar virtues. A former Miss World, a leading global face and yet she strikes a perfect balance amongst her roles as a star, a wife, daughter in law and a mother. She represents the Bachchan clan on every occasion like a pro.

You are Livia Drussillla, if you have a successful career and yet you give priority to your family and carry all the entrusted responsibilities impeccably and with utmost grace and still succeed in all dimensions.

Dido; The Ambitious: This fiercely independent lady is known for questioning things because of her inquisitive perspective. She was passionate about almost everything, be it on a professional or personal level. An ambitious soul, she had the finest qualities that a true legendary woman possesses.


When penning down the ambitions, how can we forget Priyanka Chopra’s hardworking bent of mind? This Quantico star is working day and night without considering to put a full stop on her tightly packed schedule. Working on the continuous spree, she has once again emerged as one of the leading ladies of the industry.

If you are ambitious, workaholic, iconoclastic, rational and fluent, you are the ultimate Dido.

Find out which ancient Roman beauties you resemble and which renowned Bollywood diva you can relate with. Be proud of being a woman and celebrate it with élan this Women’s Day.

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