Golmaal 3 sued!

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  • Updated: Nov 15, 2010 20:20 IST

After receiving bouquets at the Box Office, seems like Golmaal 3 is now on the receiving end of serious brickbats! The Indian Stammering Association (TISA) has sent a legal notice to the producers of the film accusing them of poking fun at people who stammer.

In the film, Shreyas Talpade who plays Laxman, stammers and the other characters make fun of him.
The association is miffed with the makers of Golmaal 3 and has sent a legal notice to them. The association wants them to delete all the scenes where the character stammers.

GolmaalThe problem for the producers is that the film released more than a week back and it will be very difficult for them to delete the scenes. A source told Mid-Day, "The producers now plan to respond to the notice sent by the Uttarakhand court. And they must respond to it before a December 14 deadline."

The spokesperson of Shri Astavinayaka Cinevision confirmed the news and told the tabloid, "Yes, it is true that we have received a notice from The Indian Stammering Association. Our legal department is looking into it." They have maintained that they were not trying to put down anyone with a physical disability of any kind.

Shreyas Talkpade has come out with a strong message for the members of the association. He said, "I want to ask the association, why are you all considering yourself to be different when we are not? We are not pointing fingers at anyone. It is just a character. Today we have so many constraints in making a film and if these issues continue then we will have to make silent films."

Let's see how the association reacts to this message.


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