Got to master the art of saying no to bad movies: Kareena Kapoor

  • Shalvi Mangaokar, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
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  • Updated: Jan 20, 2014 12:29 IST

Kareena Kapoor

Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan, who hasn’t had an exceptionally good professional year in 2013, says that she’s set to makeup for that in 2014, but most importantly, she wants to learn to say ‘No’ this year. 

What are you looking forward to doing the most, this year?
I’m looking forward to a really good script. But more importantly, I’ve got to master the art of saying ‘no’ to all the bad movies and yes to all the good ones. My family, friends and well-wishers have sat me down and told me to hold on and be a little patient. 

Last year wasn’t particularly good for you...
I’ve been doing this for years now. I think it’s unfair to compare me with anyone or even say anything about it. Ups and downs are a part and parcel of the game. Besides, after having done so much work, I’ve gone beyond all this. I don’t even bother paying attention to what’s written about me.

Until we saw you on a recent chat show, people didn’t know you and Ranbir were close...
Ranbir (Kapoor) and I are close to the point where we’re there for each other as and when needed. We don’t talk or meet every day, but he’s my brother. At the end of the day, blood is thicker than water.

Ranbir and Kareena get candid in Koffee with Karan

You’re teaming up with Rohit Shetty (film-maker) once again. Tell us something about Singham 2.
I always knew I would do Singham 2. Months ago, he spoke to me about the film, but there were some changes to be made in the role. Once the script was ready, he narrated it and I loved it. Technically, he is the biggest director in the industry right now, even box-office-wise. I think the film will be a hit. Even if it comes across as a sequel, the story is completely different. I believe this will be bigger than the original film.

You’re playing a Maharashtrian girl in the film. Any plans of learning Marathi?
Thank God I'm not playing a Punjabi. The setting of the film is very Marathi and I’m sure Rohit will make me speak a fewlines in the language.So, I guess, I will have to learn bits of Marathi. I’m glad that I will finally know another language apart from English and Hindi. Saif (Ali Khan, actor) always tells me it’s good to know at least four languages.

Why did Karan (Johar, film-maker) call Ranbir and you the Information and Broadcasting ministry of the industry?
I think Karan was talking about himself. But honestly, there’s no serious talk happening in that show. But even I don’t understand why he would call me that. He was just joking about it.


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