Happy birthday Amrish Puri: Mogambo's 15 memorable performances

  • Neetika Walter, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jun 22, 2015 18:30 IST

Who doesn’t remember the famous DDLJ dialogue, "Ja Simran ja, jeele apni zindagi" or "Mogambo Khush Hua" from Mr India. Amrish Puri has indeed immortalised these characters. A powerful voice combined with equally deadly looks made him the ultimate villain of the silver screen, who essayed negative roles with such ease and conviction.

This "bad guy’ of Bollywood has given us some of the most amazing moments that have kept him alive in our memories till date, including his Hollywood turn with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

On his 83rd birth anniversary, we give you a list of some of the most memorable roles played by Amrish Puri.

1. Gardish: In this 1993 film, Puri essayed the role of honest police havaldar whose dream is to see his son as a police inspector but fate has something else in store.

2.Virasat: In Virasat which released in 1997, Amrish Puri portrayed the role of an authoritative father who opposes his son’s decision to settle abroad and wants him to live in his ancestral village and work for the upliftment of the villagers.

3. Ghatak: In this 1996 hit, Puri played the role of Shambu Nath, a freedom fighter, who due to his illness shifts to Mumbai for treatment along with his younger son played by Sunny Deol. Due to certain circumstances, the father-son duo are forced to take a stand against the bad guys.

4.DDLJ: Amrish Puri played the role of a conservative strict father living in London who wants his daughters to follow Indian values and get married to a boy of his choice. He even forcibly takes his elder daughter (Kajol) to his ancestral Indian village to marry her off to his friend’s son. This 1995 blockbuster changed the way Bollywood makes its movies.

5.Phool Aur Kaante: King of a criminal empire, Amrish Puri wants his son to succeed him. However, a number of his associates are unhappy and kidnap his grandson to create troubles for his family in this 1991 film.

6.Mr India: Who doesn’t remember Mogambo, a character immortalised by Amrish Puri! Mogambo wants to conquer India and his henchman have been indulging in all kinds of wrong doings in the country. And then an aam aadmi, Mr India, stops them.

7.Ghayal: In this 1990 action drama, Amrish Puri dupes honest businessman to provide cover for his illegal activities. He also traps his brother Ajay (played by Sunny Deol), who later fights against the injustice meted to his family.

8:Meri Jung: In this 1985 hit film, Puri essayed the role of a powerful lawyer who proves an innocent man guilty in the court. The man is later hanged to death. Years later, the son of the same man takes revenge by defeating him in a case concerning his son, who too is hanged.

9. Damini: One of the pioneer female-centric films in India, Puri portrayed the role of a corrupt lawyer who is fighting a rape case in which prime witness is Damini.

10.Nagina: In this 1986 fantasy film, Puri plays the role of Bhairo Nath, a sadhu capable of controlling snakes, who wants to possess the mani which is sacred to snakes.

11. Karan-Arjun: In this 1995 Shah Rukh Khan-Salman Khan starrer, Puri played the role of Durjan Singh, who kills his relative and later his sons for their property. The sons are reborn to take revenge. 12. Diljale: In this 1996 film, Amrish played the role of Dara, a leader of a terrorist group active in Kashmir. His henchman, Shaka (Ajay Devgun) has a change of heart and wants all of them to surrender.

13.Tehelka: Evil dictator of an empire named Dongrila, Puri played the role of General Dong. He kidnaps school kids to turn them into suicide bombers but his plans are foiled by the Indian Army.

14.Gadar: With the partition of India as its backdrop, this 2001 film had Puri as a Muslim father in Pakistan whose daughter goes missing in India. When she meets him after a few years, he wants her to give up her life in India.

15.Ram Lakhan: In this 1989 film, Puri essayed the role of Bhishamber, villainous uncle of Ram (Jackie Shroff) and Lakhan (Anil Kapoor) who not only takes over their family property but gets their father and grandfather killed. The brothers ultimately take their revenge.

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