Hello Andhero, say The Avengers to the baddies

  • Dibyojyoti Baksi, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
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  • Updated: Apr 04, 2012 11:59 IST
Indie band Agnee and producer-director Abbas Tyrewala were asked to a compose the theme song for the Hindi dubbed version of the superhero Hollywood film, The Avengers, about a month ago. Today, the trio — Tyrewala, the band’s lead singer Mohan K and guitarist Koko — will launch the song ‘Hello andhero…’ at a city club.

Tyrewala, who has penned the lyrics for the track that has been composed by Agnee, says, “I realised that if we were going to make this song a bit edgy, we would have to make it sound like a casual greeting. As if the hero was saying to the villain, ‘dude, you’ve had your time, but now you’re done, because we’ve all (the superheroes) come together.”

The Hindi theme song for the film, which hits theatres in India on April 27, a week before its US release on May 4, has a special video that was produced over three weeks ago. The three minute and 20 second long video is a montage of some footage from the film and the band performing the track. Though initially Disney wanted a female face to be the highlight of the video, Mohan was strictly against any undue inclusions.

“After doing so much work, we weren’t going to compromise on the song for a good looking girl,” says Mohan, who was happy with the fact that the video stars singer Aditi Singh Sharma.

But picking one song that would be associated with one of the most anticipated Hollywood movies of the year wasn’t an easy task. Revealing that the band shuffled more than 13 tunes before finally settling for ‘Hello andhero…’, Koko says, “We made my 10-year-old son, just as a target audience, listen to the three final tunes we had shortlisted to see which one he likes the most.”

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