Here's a reply to Deepika: Mantra addresses his choices to wives

  • Sweta Kaushal, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Apr 05, 2015 18:21 IST

Now, this is one repartee none of Deepika Padukone's staunchest critics could have ever thought of. After her Homi Adajania-directed 'My Choice' video went viral, unleashing a string of messages both supporting and dissing her, we now have a "husband's version" of his "choices"!

Watch: My Choice - Male version ft. Mantra Mugdh

The two-minute-long video, titled My Choice - Male version, featuring comedian Mantra and others, we have a group of men standing up for all that a wife 'hates': from farting to bad food habits to just being the nuisance they are.

This is how the video starts: "Dear wife, my body, my mind, my soul, my choice." It then goes on to dissect, point by point, all the issues Deepika raised in her video.

Hilarious to the core, Mantra flaunts his comic sense in the video with lines like, "To use green salad and green tea to trap my soul is to believe you can hold the expansion of my belly or capture my food in the palm of your hand. Your 'rashan' is caged, let it free. My tummy is not, let it be." There are more: "To not have exercised at all, my choice" and "To love your gossips temporarily or to hate them forever, my choice".

However, unlike the previous male version that was released soon after Vogue India's My Choice sparked a debate on what really is women empowerment, Mantra's video is not a misogynist take on 'feminazi' attitude in Deepika's My Choice. When they show Deepika saying, "To have sex before marriage, outside marriage, my choice," Mantra and others just say, "I like your choice".

Scroll down for more spoofs on Deepika's video.

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