Honest Indian Wedding: AIB returns with a hilarious video

  • Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 13, 2015 01:37 IST

If you thought YouTube comedy group All India Bakc*** is still rattled by the stink its Roast raised in January this year, here's the latest from this Mumbai-based group: A two-part take the big fat Indian weddings, complete with hidden meanings and innuendos in a conversation between two sides in a traditional marriage set-up.

In their trademark irreverent style, the first part deals with how ‘eligible’ grooms are always hot commodities in the marriage market, and how the bride's put on the backfoot the moment the moment her family is told that the groom has an 'MBA degree'. It takes a swipe at the neglect the girl faces from her family when they have a so-called well-earning ‘daamaad’ at their doorsteps. The first video chronicles the initial events and finishes at the ‘Sangeet’ ceremony.

The second video begins at this point and continues till the newly-weds set off for their honeymoon. It explores how Bollywood has influenced the marriages and how the parents behave during the entire episode. The elder ones are only concerned about the future scion of the family while the groom’s parents are more into strapping the cash from the girl’s parents.

In line with AIB’s earlier videos, these videos are full of explicit content and innuendos. However what they are referring to is more or less correct in the context of traditional Indian marriages.

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