Hrithik Roshan's Hollywood debut in works, meets Fast and Furious director

Rob Cohen (centre) with Rakesh, Hrithik and Pinky Roshan.

Rob Cohen, the director who gave us blockbusters like Daylight (1996), The Fast And The Furious (2001) and XXX (2002) was in Mumbai.

And, post a closed door meeting, the Roshans –– Rakesh, Hrithik and Pinky –– took him out for dinner at a Bandra eatery. From what we learn, Cohen and the Roshans might work on an upcoming project with Hrithik.

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It is being rumoured that this is not the first meeting that Cohen has had with the Roshans. They have been discussing a film project for some time now and the film has been in the works.

Going by Cohen's filmography, if such a film does happen, we can expect Hrithik to do a lot of daredevil stunts and some great edge-of-the-seat action.

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