I am a sportsman at heart: Randeep Hooda

  • Shalvi Mangaokar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Nov 14, 2014 16:31 IST

Even though Randeep Hooda has earned a lot of critical acclaim for his most recent release — that had been lying in the cans since 2008 — he isn’t the regular Bollywood actor. He admits that he is a sportsman first, and a film star later. The 38-year-old, for instance, is currently thrilled about the polo team he has bought.

“You find the time for the things you love,” he says, talking about how he strikes a balance between his two passions — sports and films. The equestrian sportsman adds, “I do show jumping and dressage. I’ve got seven medals this year. I’m the only actor who appears on entertainment and sports pages. I do all kinds of things. I write. I’ve adapted a play. But quintessentially, I am a sportsman at heart.”

With one more release this year, the actor is now looking at resuming work in 2015. He even has other interesting movies lined up, including a film based on the life of the serial killer, Charles Sobhraj. Ask him if there’s any director he wants to work with in future, and he says, “I want to work with directors who want to work with me… those are the best,” adding, “To have a wishlist is to limit your choices as you don’t know who is going to be the next Scorsese.”

Randeep has worked with several young directors in his career. But now, he feels that might not be possible. “Of the 23-24 films I’ve done, maybe 10-12 were with first-time directors. I like to explore new possibilities, but it’s getting harder for me to work with those directors now, as there’s a lot more at stake,” he says.

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