I fear growing old and not getting enough work: Kalki Koechlin

  • Rukmini Chopra, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: May 14, 2016 19:12 IST
Koechlin says that B-town does not cast female actors “who have crossed 40”, and that more love stories need to be written for older people.

It is hard to find artistes who get their act right with each task that they take up. Kalki Koechlin, though, definitely falls in that category.

From making fashionable red carpet appearances to giving memorable performances in films, the actor tends to hit the nail on the head each time.

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Kalki made headlines this year for bagging her first national award for the film, Margarita With A Straw (2014). She also grabbed eyeballs with her poem, The Printing Machine, a satire on print as well as social media, which was released on YouTube in January.

“I don’t read news about myself. I have stopped doing that,” says Kalki Koechlin.

But, how does she react to negative news about herself? “I don’t read news about myself. I have stopped doing that,” she says. The actor further talks about how society reacts to the news, be it entertainment, politics or crime. “When it comes to talking about the horrors that are taking place in the country, we read the newspaper one minute, get outraged and forget about it the next minute. As a society, we don’t really dwell on the important things,” says Kalki.

Career concerns

Bollywood is an unpredictable industry, and Kalki says that she fears not getting enough work. “I constantly face the fear of never getting work again. Sometimes, you are really busy, and everything is happening all at once. But, there are times when you don’t have any work. There are these constant ups and downs,” she says.

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Kalki, interestingly, also fears ageing, especially because she’s a woman in a beauty-obsessed entertainment industry. “The [Hindi film] industry doesn’t really cast female actors after they have crossed 40,” says the actor. She adds that movies that revolve around love stories involving older people need to be made more often. “We need to write more realistic love stories about people in their 40s. The storylines should not just be about young people falling in love,” she says.

Incidentally, Kalki has not played the lead in a romantic film yet. Speaking about the same, the actor says, “I would love to do a romantic film. I also haven’t played a girl next door yet.” But while “love is a beautiful topic”, Kalki feels she would like to “explore it in a different way”. Apart from films, the actor has also been associated with theatre. Ask her if stage artistes are as competitive as B-Town actors, and she says, “Yes, people can be competitive in theatre too. But I believe that, as an actor, competition is healthy; it drives you [to do better].”

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