I have made blunders: Aditya Pancholi

  • Anirban Das, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Jan 04, 2015 15:28 IST

Aditya Pancholi, who is remembered for playing negative roles in multiple films in the ’90s, hasn’t done a lot of films ever since his last, Musafir (2004). After a six year hiatus, he starred in Striker in 2010. While he got smaller roles in a few films since then, he is looking forward to playing important characters now.

The actor has three films in his bag already, and interestingly, Aditya won’t shed his usual garb, and will be seen portraying grey shades in all the projects he is working on currently.

When asked if he considers this as a comeback, the actor denies. “I didn’t go anywhere to come back. I am already here. I don’t believe in this comeback business,” he says, adding, “An actor, who faces the camera once, will remain an actor till he breathes his last.”

Talking about the reason behind no getting prominent parts in films, the actor admits that he made mistakes in terms of selecting films. “I have made blunders. I was offered many movies, but I regret not taking them up. Those movies went on to become huge hits,” says Aditya, who will be seen playing a negative role in director Munnawar Bhagat’s film. “I play a gangster, who abuses his mother and wife. He loves them to an extent that he becomes over-possessive,” he says.

Also, talking about the experience of working with his son, Sooraj Pancholi, who will soon make his Bollywood debut, he says, “When I go on the sets, I don’t see him as my son. I don’t even talk of him. I treat him just like a newcomer and maintain a professional relationship with him.”

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