I have no idea about the business of my films: Shah Rukh Khan

  • Shalvi Mangaokar, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Aug 15, 2014 16:58 IST

Shah Rukh Khan is as inimitable as ever. Even in between an ad shoot, he is his jovial self, as he discusses films, business, his love for sports, and why he doesn’t feel the pressure of the Rs 100 crore club.

Karan Johar recently announced a film with Salman Khan, but he’s said you’ll always be special to him. Will we see you working together soon?

There’s nothing [in the pipeline]. He did offer me one [film]. At this point, what I have on my plate is Fan, then Raees, then hopefully Rohit’s [Shetty] film, and then one more which I can’t talk about right now. So I have four films lined up, and I’m pressed for time with Happy New Year, so I don’t think there’s anything for another year at least.

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You said Karan offered you a film.

Yeah, he offered me one of the films he was making, but I don’t have the time to do it.

Abhishek Bachchan invested in the Pro Kabaddi League. Did you consider investing in it too?

It’s difficult to run a franchise. I really wanted to be part of IPL (Indian Premier League), football and hockey; kabaddi wasn’t on my mind, to be honest… I think the CEO decided that let’s first get expertise in what we’re running, and then try other things.

Movies are now evaluated in Rs 100 crore and Rs 200 crore? Do you feel the pressure to deliver?

When I joined the film industry, they used to say, ‘You’re number one, number two, etc.’ I used to tell everyone, ‘Telephones have numbers, I don’t.’ Now you’re talking about Rs 100 crore, Rs 200 crore, and I say that mobile phones have numbers, my films don’t… I have no idea about the business of my films. How do you put a number on Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)? It’s been running for 19 years. So there’s no pressure. I sign films that I like. And I’d like maximum number of people to like them.

You endorse a major watch brand — Tag Heuer. How do you manage time?

It’s very simple — time starts when I reach the place (laughs). And it’s not a starry statement… that’s just the way it is. It’s a little philosophy: if you’re at home, the only time and space that exists is your home. You don’t know what’s happening elsewhere. Time is where you are... that’s how I manage it.

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