I like it when Anurag Kashyap puts me in an uncomfortable zone: Nawazuddin

  • Prashant Singh, Hindustan TImes, Mumbai
  • Updated: Jun 06, 2016 18:01 IST
Siddiqui says he loves to travel to his native place, Budhana (in UP) to find peace; adds that he loves working with Anurag Kashyap.

He admits that he feels “a bit odd and uncomfortable” at film bashes, but one can’t miss the twinkle in Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s eyes as he talks about his village (Budhana in Uttar Pradesh).

“I go to Budhana whenever possible. When I’m there, I can see myself from a neutral angle. I can easily compare the ‘professional’ Nawaz and the ‘small town’ Nawaz. Whenever I go there, I feel everything is absolutely normal, and there’s no tension in life; everyone has time. Even I was living the same life a few years back,” he says.

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Even now, Nawaz likes to work in the family-owned farms. “If I am in Budhana, I go to our farm fields with my brothers. I feel, to get that breathing space and to know yourself better, there’s no better place than your hometown,” he says. So, is that his way of taking a break from work and unwinding? “Ever since I started doing theatre in 1992, there hasn’t been a single day in my life when I’ve been idle. Even when I didn’t have work for 10 years, my mind was working all the time on my performances. For me, that’s (honing his skills) the only way of relaxation,” says Nawazuddin, who is currently busy with the release of his next, directed by Anurag Kashyap.

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“I love working with Anurag only when he doesn’t give me any comfort [as an actor]. I like it when he puts me in an uncomfortable zone. I don’t want to ever go into any comfort zone with any director. My next film has been very tiring. I had never tapped into such emotions that I have in this film,” he says.

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