I'll continue posting bikini pictures even in my 60s: Poonam Pandey

  • Sandip Bardhan, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jun 23, 2015 15:40 IST

Actor and model Poonam Pandey has no doubt that her next film Helen will be special. Just like she has no doubt that even in her 60s, she will be in news -- because she will continue to post her "photographs in bikinis".

Often in news for controversies, Poonam says the people triggering a hullabaloo over her revealing selfies on social media or other manoeuvres are actually hungry for "publicity".

Confident of her acting prowess, Poonam, who was in Delhi recently, stresses that her focus is now on Helen, a project that will be directed by Ajit Rajpal.

"Helen has a script that had an impact on me. I had a strong reaction after reading it," the 24-year-old actor told HT at PVR Plaza in Connaught Place. "You know… getting a good script in Bollywood is tough."

Poonam and Rajpal were in the city in search of Helen's hero.

Dressed in a red gown, Poonam said, "My director thinks I can carry the role, I can do justice to it. I also believe that." Her voice spoke of determination.

Helen will be a complete entertainment package with lots of masala, Rajpal said at a press conference. However, Rajpal, who was the writer of Poonam's first film Nasha, did not reveal much.

Helen is reported to be based on the life of a dancer, though Poonam has clarified that her film is not a biography of the yesteryear cabaret queen with the same name. There are reports that Poonam has been attending workshops for an ambitious dance sequence in the film.

"The director thinks that people have yet to see Poonam Pandey's real acting prowess," the actor said, confident about shrugging off the hangover of Nasha's disappointment.

Commenting on controversies over her up-close-and-personal approach, Poonam said the people who raised the red flags just wanted some free "publicity''.

Recently, Poonam had emerged as a talking point -- yet again -- for a seductive yoga video, and a hashtag on that became a top trend on Twitter last week.

"It's because of my fans. It's because of the love they shower on me," Poonam said, when asked how she manages to be a Twitter queen with the magic wand of manipulation.

"But, these are for publicity, you know," she added, while reiterating her seriousness about her acting career.

Just a few minutes ago, she had struck a yoga pose at the request of photographers, though she did not hide being a bit uneasy because of Delhi's heat.

So, what will Poonam do to be in the headlines when she will be of the age of Helen, the movie actor?

"Don't worry my friend. I will post my photographs in bikinis even when I'll be in my 60s," said a beaming Poonam, confident and eloquent as ever.

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