I love bikes, but not more than women: John

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  • Updated: Sep 13, 2011 19:11 IST
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    According to reports, John Abraham lifted 150-kg bike in Force.

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    John Abraham

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    It's a remake of the Tamil film Kaakha Kaakha.

  • John Abraham

    John Abraham's tattoo in the movie is reportedly inspired by Avatar actor.

  • Nishikant Kamath

    It's directed by Nishikant Kamath.

John Abraham, who was recently in the capital for Van Heusen store launch, revealed all about his relationship status, chiselled body and of course his love for motorbikes and women.

John's action hero avatar
After Dhoom, I haven't done any action film. People asked me why you haven't attempted any action film when you have the physique and the body for it. Force is my answer to a lot of people out there who finally want to see the action hero. The film has great content, song, dialogues and screenplay.

Stallone inspiration
I have undertaken special training for this film. When we finalised the film, my director Nishikanth Kamath told me you have 8 months to build up a body that looks international, like a machine, like Sylvester Stallone. So with Force, we have tried to create a look that is unbelievable in terms of physique.

Every actor is visually fit today and has a presentable body. Cinema is a visual medium. I have always been fit, right from my first film Jism. Now there is a new concept of abs- 6 pack, 8 pack.

Similarity with original
When Vipul Shah showed me Kaakha Kaakha one-and-a-half years back, I really liked it. There's a lot of difference in this and the original. We have kept the romance portion same but we have converted it into an action film to a large extent.

Lifting a heavy bike
It was just a 110-120 kilos bike very honestly. ACP Yashwardhan is supposed to be like a machine, very powerful who can lift and break anything. That's my character in the film. That's why I had to lift the bike. You need cables to balance it but finally you need your strength to lift the bike and throw it. So yeah, I have thrown the bike. If someone upsets me, you know what will happen (laughs).

Message in Force
There's a lot of similarity between me and my character. He's a narcotic bureau officer, totally anti-drugs. Personally, I don't believe in drugs. People who do drugs are escapists. I want to tell my young audience that drugs are the most dangerous thing, more than smoking and drinking. Cocaine destroys your system completely. That's the message we want to give through the film.

Your body is your temple. Eat right, work-out right. Don't do drugs. It's not fun, it's not right. A healthy lifestyle is very important.

Chemistry with co-stars
My chemistry with all my co-stars, be it Genelia (Force), Katrina (New York) or Vidya (Salaam-e-ishq), usually works onscreen. I have a sizzling chemistry with Abhishek Bachchan and Akshay Kumar also. Good chemistry is important for a good film.

JohnCop fever in B-Town
It's co-incidental that we are all playing cops in our films. A film is planned a long time back, so it's just a co-incidence that these films are releasing one after the other. Salman and Ajay's films have done unbelievable business and I hope that I can do at least decent business.

Movies in the pipeline
After Force, I'm doing a comic flick with Akshay- Desi Boyz (6 years after Garam Masala), Housefull 2 with Akshay again, Race 2 with Saif, another sequel Shootout at Wadala and I, Me Aur Main which is about a guy who loves himself more that he loves women. But I am not like that character.

Bikes or ladies
I love motorcycles but not more than women (laughs). Women are the most beautiful creation of mankind.

Enjoying singledom
I am happy that I have time by myself. When I get married, it'll be different. Hopefully I'll get married someday. Till then, I'm enjoying my space and time.

After I got into acting, I have not spent enough time with my parents. When we get busy with our careers or get into relationships, we don't give our parents enough time. So now I'm spending as much time with my parents as possible to make up for the lost time but you can never make up for it.

Every relationship in your life matures you as an individual. So now I'm a much more matured individual.

On terror attacks
If we look within our own country, there's a big terror problem. It happened in Delhi recently and in Mumbai before that. I hope the government is doing what they can. There are serious security lapses. The common man suffers the most. We have become insensitive to what is happening. We need to get serious about it and the government needs to pull up their socks. As individuals, we need to be serious and vigilant and look around. If you notice, after 9/11, there has been no attack in America. Can you imagine the level of security they have. Government and we as citizens should be more complacent.

On Van Heusen
When V Dot came to me, they knew what my personal statement is. The colours I'm wearing now, gray trousers and blue jacket, it's very understated and yet it makes a style statement. They have absolutely simple designs, some are bling but still it's very classy. I'm actually comfortable in what I'm wearing. And I wouldn't say that for a lot of other clothes and what other people wear. My whole wardrobe is by them.


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