I love spending time with Alia Bhatt: Arjun Kapoor

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    Alia Bhatt plays Ananya Swaminathan, a Tamillian Brahmin and Arjun Kapoor is a Punjabi. Will the north-south ever meet?

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    Now meet their parents - Ronit Roy and Amrita Singh play Arjun Kapoor's parents, Revathy and Shiv Kumar Subramaniam are Alia's mom-dad.

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    2 States is expected to strike a chord with college youth.

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    Alia Bhatt looks fresh as a dew.

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    In the trailer Arjun Kapoor is seen telling Alia - "Ye jo tumhare right gal ke left side par jo til hai na uspe mera dil ...

  • 2 States

    Alia and Arjun's chemistry is smashing hot in 2 States trailer.

He is one of the popular young faces in Bollywood, and his camaraderie with actor Ranveer Singh has been talked about often.

Now, Arjun Kapoortalks about how the two discuss girls, his alleged girlfriend Alia Bhatt, and the ‘fight’ over Anushka Sharma.

Rumour has it that you and Ranveer Singh mostly discuss your two common interests — food and girls.
We are young boys, so our interests would be common too. We discuss food, workouts, football, cars, clothes, sunglasses and, of course, girls. Two guys will obviously talk about the opposite sex. 

So, the rumours are true?
It’s natural for close friends to share all aspects of their lives, and women are an integral part of any man’s life. I think it would be dangerous if we didn’t have that common interest. Humein shayad arrest kar liya jaata (we might have been arrested) because we had other interests (laughs). 

Is everything fine between you and Ranveer after you two reportedly had a fall out because of your common friend Anushka Sharma?
We didn’t really have to sort things out. We had a talk about keeping our lives private and sorting out issues ourselves. From that day on, it was a closed chapter. It has been a wonderful equation with him. I don’t want our friendship to be jinxed.

There are a lot of speculations about you and Alia. Is there any truth to it?
I got to know Alia Bhatt while working on our upcoming film. We hit it off immediately. She is a fantastic person, someone who I can call and talk to, and that is what friendship is about. I can hang around, fool around, joke around and be myself when I am with her, so I love spending time with Alia.

So, you’re not seeing her?
I shot for a film for 90-odd days and we did three-four outdoors together. We have the same set of friends, so why shouldn’t I be seen with her? Why should I not get along with her? Why should it always come down to being in a relationship? Why can’t we just be friends and have a good time?


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