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I think I’ll die any minute: Saif Ali Khan

Although Saif is usually inaccessible, but when the actor is in the mood to talk, he is candid, confident, and great fun. Khan reflects on the uncertainty of life and death in a chat during a recent Delhi visit.

bollywood Updated: Nov 30, 2013 18:57 IST
Medha Shri Dahiya

Although our Chhotey Nawab is usually inaccessible, but when actor Saif Ali Khan is in the mood to talk, he is candid, confident, and great fun. The 43-year old, who was recently in Delhi to promote his latest, Bullett Raja, got talking to HT City.

We just heard you tell someone, “I can die...” What’s that about?

Yes, I can die anytime. I mean, who knows what’s going to happen? After my father passed away, I feel anyone can die... just like that, puff! So I want to enjoy every minute, because I don’t know when I can die or someone close to me can.

You say Bullett Raja is your best performance so far. What is the most embarrassing one?
My most embarrassing one would be — and you must report how quickly I answered this one — any time during my stint in the ’90s — from Bambai Ka Babu, to Parampara. I didn’t have a glorious debut and a very slow learning process.

And that also gave a lot of fodder to mimicry artists and stand up comics on TV shows...
Yeah, but even if they aren’t flattering you, they are still talking about you, and that’s something.

You’ve been talking about your kids a lot lately. We’d like to know what sort of father you are.
You know the answers to those (questions) are very long-winded and can’t be summed up in one line. All I can say is that they are wonderful children and I am honoured to be their father.

Aamir Khan and SRK just had kids, when are you going to...
But I already have two kids!

No. We meant with...
Oh! You mean surrogacy?

No. We mean with Kareena Kapoor Khan! Anytime soon?
No. Right now we are very involved with our own lives. Having children is about being selfless, we don’t have the time for that right now.

Female actors don’t get along very well with each other, does that stand true for male actors as well?
No, I think we get along very well. I think if you are confident of what you do and know your qualities, then you have your own space, are very easy with people and aren’t insecure.

Are you a disciplined and punctual person?
I usually get up at 7:30 am, go to the gym and start shooting on the sets by 9. Once in a while you can skip that. But I like to finish work by 6 or 7 pm because I like to unwind and refresh. I find 9-to-9 a slightly scary shift.

Are you particular about the clothes you wear?
No. I just think about how I am going to look. Jodhpuris, or jeans and T-shirt... it’s all over very quickly.

Does your wife advise you, considering she’s a style diva?
Not at all. I might ask her opinion but that’s it. I don’t think a guy should be too known for his clothes, you know. I just wear whatever.