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    “People love watching Punjabis on-screen in their purest and crudest form. No doubt we are loud show-offs, but we enjoy goodwill", says Ayushmann.

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    Ask him about an actor from the current crop and he replies, "Parineeti Chopra. She is a very talented girl and bubbly at the same ...

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    Ayushmann will be seen in Rohan Sippy’s Nautanki Sala. He has also sung two songs in the movie and composed one.

It has been a week since the news broke about Ayushmann Khurrana and Kunal Kohli not working with each other in a film that was being conceptualised for some time. While enough has been said and written about Ayushmann deciding to prioritise completion of Nautanki Saala over picking up some other film, Kunal believes that the actor walked out as he wanted an 'A-list' actress opposite him instead of a relative newbie. Over to Ayushmann who bares his heart out in his most definitive talk around the issue.

It seems like there is a lot of bad taste left in your mouth due to the entire drama surrounding you saying 'no' to the Kunal Kohli film.
I will just reiterate what I truly believe which is that when it comes to a film, only a superstar and a super script works. Since I am not the former, it is the latter that works. See, I am naive and a simpleton from Chandigarh. I am learning my ways in the industry. I am not a star-kid so it was easy for someone to say something about me. Kunal is quite a senior person and my upbringing tells me that I should respect my elders. I am just one film old while he has seen it and done all. Ab isse zyaada main kya bolon....

But really, what happened actually?
Major reason for me saying 'No' was that I was committed to Nautanki Saala. I believe that in a rom-com, pairing is definitely important unlike a concept based film like a Nautanki Saala where a pairing doesn't hold as much prominence. Again, as I said that it would be really small on me to comment on A-lister and all. Ab kya baith ke baat karein iss baare mein.

However, there were quite a few words being said, most importantly that you have grown too big for your shoes and insist on working only with an A-lister.
Frankly speaking, the whole idea is debunked since in Nautanki Saala I am working with a newcomer in the form of Pooja Salvi! Seriously, I have no qualms about working with anyone. In fact, as an actor, I am quite selfish and concentrate only on my part, script and role. Of course, a good pairing is the cherry on the cake but then it cannot be the whole cake!

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