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For some romantic relief, Imran-Kareena will appear in romcom Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu.

Actor Imran Khan, riding high on the success of two consecutive films this year, Delhi Belly and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (MBKD), unveiled the theatrical promo of his next, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (EMAET) on Wednesday. This film releases next February.

But why has the title changed from Short Term Shaadi? “That wasn’t even our working title. So, there was no way we could have changed it. Halfway through the movie, I read in the papers that the film’s working title was Short Term Shaadi. That was odd because everyone on the sets knew it wasn’t the case,” Imran says.

Coincidentally, like MBKD, even this film revolves around a wedding. Bring this up and the actor adds, “The previous one was about me finding a bride for my brother, who is perfect as a groom. No girl would ever refuse him and move on to his younger brother. And eventually, it’s to be seen whether the younger brother ends up with her. In this case, my marriage with Kareena (co-star Kareena Kapoor) is just the beginning of the movie. It triggers off the story, which moves into different situations and emotions.”

Considering that the actor has been married for a year to Avantika Mallik, whom he dated for a decade, did he draw inspiration from his real bond for his reel relationship?

“It’s been a year of marriages for me: one real and two reel ones. The time when Avantika and I were in the US, we had started living in together. So, we spent that time trying to understand each other. Today, we know what to expect of the other in a given circumstance,” says Imran, adding, “Similarly, even our characters in EMAET try to figure out each other’s likes, dislikes and ways of thinking. It’s a slice-of-life film with romance and comedy in it. So, having been in a relationship helped me understand the character better, as it’s also the first time I’m playing a married man on screen.”

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