'It was boring that Madhuri and Juhi didn't fight on sets of Gulaab Gang'

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    Madhuri Dixit Nene strikes a pose during the promotion of Gulaabi Gang. (AFP Photo)

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    Madhuri Dixit with Kanishka Sharma (Shailon Martial Art expert) performs self defense techniques for women while promoting Gulaab Gang at a Gym in Bandra. (PTI ...

Hailing from Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, Gulaab Gang producer Anubhav Sinha, says he knows the reality of how the Indian society treats women.

In an interview with Hindustantimes.com, Anubhav Sinha says his film, directed by Soumik Sen is about the female power. He revels in the fact that Gulaab Gang is perhaps the first film in mainstream Hindi cinema where all the pivotal characters are female. 

Madhuri Dixit plays the protagonist, Rajjo in Gulaab Gang while the antagonist is Juhi Chawla. Even a Kahani and a Mirch Masala had Indraneil Sengupta and Naseeruddin Shah.

Madhuri was first finalised for the Rajjo and then Juhi joined the gang. Talking about bringing Madhuri and Juhi together, Sinha says, "When Juhi's name was suggested for the villian's role, even my first reaction was the usual - will they work together?" 

"At first, she wanted justification for her villainy but when those changes were made, she agreed that the character lost its power and punch. We were more excited about Juhi playing a guiltless, negative character," he adds. 

When reminded of the chemistry between the lead actors, Anubhav says, "Initially, all of us were apprehensive. But they did not fight on the sets, not even an arguement."

"Had they fought, we would have got more publicity. It actually turned out to be boring with no fights," he jokingly adds. 

Denying reports that his Madhuri Dixit-starrer is based on woman activist Sampat Pal or her group, Anubhav says, "With all due respect to Sampatji, hers is not the first women's group to fight for women. There have been several others and I think all of them are very commendable. I have all the regard for Sampat Palji and her group and I genuinely believe Nishthaji has done a great job of documenting their work." 

"I wish well for Gulabi Gang and hope that it earns truck-loads of money so that more documentaries are made and released in theatres," he added.

Further talking about his movie that is set to hit theatres on March 7, Anubhav Sinha says, "I have never ever claimed that the film is about Sampat Pal or any other real life character. It simply raises an issue that is prevalent in our society, packaged as a complete commercial potboiler." 

"There are two layers to the film - there is a social issue that we have tried to raise, and there is a commercial potboiler you can enjoy. Even if you are not interested in the message, you can simply go and enjoy the movie. However, it is highly unlikely that you will be untouched with the message," he concluded.


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