Jabra Fan: Watch Shah Rukh Khan go crazy about himself in new song

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  • Updated: Feb 16, 2016 20:13 IST
Shah Rukh Khan has made a film where he is his own biggest fan, aptly called Fan. (YouTube)

Shah Rukh Khan has done what Kanye West could only ever dream of doing. The Bollywood superstar has made a film where he is his own biggest fan, aptly called Fan. A new song has been released on YouTube on Tuesday evening as the release date, April 15, inches closer. Watch it here:

While watching the video, we wondered if people like this really do exist. People who worship movie stars like Gods and sing songs while day dreaming about them. Then we scrolled down to the comments section and found our answer. Here are a few love notes to SRK by his fans:

“Smile Was Not Off On My Face Through Out This Song ...Simply Smiling Like An Idiot :P?”

“what an energy,,, love u sir!!!!!?”

“WOW, this looks amazing! No other “superstar” would ever risk doing a pure character-oriented movie such as this. Only Dunya ka Sabse Bara Superstar can do something like this. SO PROUD OF SHAH RUKH!?”

A lot of the scenes from the song have been shot around the Red Fort. (YouTube)

Well the song is not half bad, though we would really appreciate if someone could tell us what ‘Jabra’ means. The beats are a generic, catchy Bollywood produce and the song looks like it will be good enough for our city radio stations to blast day in, day out.

The lyrics are often metaphors for The Fan’s relationship with his superstar. For example: “Tu sode ki botal, main banta tera.” These days, anything would do in the name of lyrics. Literally.

Watch trailer here:

Though, a shoutout to the make up team is inevitable and due. Shah Rukh Khan looks a lot different than his normal self. It is not just his face and the protruding teeth but his frame also looks shorter and smaller for some reason.

We aren’t hoping too high but we would love to be proven wrong with this film. Fine, go ahead and play the song again.

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