Katti Batti is like repeating my personal life: Imran

  • IANS, Mumbai
  • Updated: Sep 09, 2015 10:53 IST

Imran Khan is desperately looking for a hit and his quest may end with Katti Batti. Imran has revealed that initially he did not like the script as he could not "get a hold of it". "I troubled Nikhil a lot. When I first read the script, I did not get a hold of it. I called Nikhil straightaway and said I did not like it."

Talking about how Nikhil convinced him for the role when he did not like the script, Imran said: "Nikhil wanted me to let him narrate the story once more. As I was in a mood of not doing the movie, so I thought what difference would it make if he narrates. So I kept delaying it for one or two months."

"After so many ifs and buts and delaying, when Nikhil came to narrate the story, within 20 minutes I wondered if this is the same story I read before."

Imran confessed that the director had described the story to him in a completely different angle, which he didn't think of when he read it.

"I started visualising the characters and the moments of the story. I've been in this situation. It's like repeating my personal life," he said.

Imran also disclosed that at the end of the narration, he apologised to Advani for not getting the point of the story earlier.

Katti Batti is scheduled to release on September 18.

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