Khap panchayat against Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho

  • S Raju, Hindustan Times, Meerut
  • Updated: Jun 13, 2015 19:01 IST

A local film Miss tanakpur Haazir Ho, based on love marriages, has enraged members of Ahlawat Khap that demanded ban on the film and called upon the panchayat to oppose its display in theaters.

A panchayat of Ahalwat Khap convened in village Bhainsi of district Muzaffarnagar on Friday to discuss the issue and it demanded to release the film only after seeking no objection from Khap leaders.

Directed by Vinod Kapri, the film is about love marriages in which Khap panchayat asks a village boy to marry a buffalo. Describing it as an insult to villages and khap panchayats, people participating in the meeting suggested ways to teach a lesson to the director so that no one could dare to project a negative image of khap panchayat and village culture in future.

A few suggested to parade the director naked while other advised to stage a dharna outside director's residence. Moving a step further a person offered 51 buffaloes whosoever will bring the director's head, “Khap members were angry over maligning the image of panchayats and villages therefore gave suggestions including reward of 51 buffaloes on director's head”, said Raju Ahalawat, president of Bhartiya Kisan Union's Muzaffarnagar district.

Describing Panchayat's decision irrelevant and unethical, film director Vinod Kapri has clarified that he respects khap panchayats and requested them to first watch the movie before issuing any decision.

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