My film has nothing to do with Meluha: Karan Johar

Says Karan Johar as he opens up about his latest Hrithik Roshan–starrer and the Meluha book adaptation

Is Shuddhi based on the book, The Immortals Of Meluha?
Shuddhi is not connected to The Immortals Of Meluha at all. It will be a completely different film. Meluha has nothing to do with it. We start shooting in November this year.

So what’s happening to Meluha?
Meluha is currently in the process of being adapted and we will structure everything related to it once the screenplay is ready. We are definitely working on it right now and we have big plans for the film. As of now, it’s in the writing stage. It’s such an ambitious venture that we don’t want to start anything unless the screenplay is ready.

Who has written Shuddhi?
It has been written by Karan (Malhotra; director) and his wife. His wife was a huge support to Karan during Agneepath (2012) too. In fact, she did a lot of writing on that film as well.

Are you surprised that both the films are in the news already?
Shuddhi will be in the news because it brings together the same team that worked on Agneepath. Karan (Malhotra), Hrithik and Dharma Productions coming together will create the right noise. Also, Meluha is one of the most celebrated novels; it’s one of the highest selling books in recent times. Amish Tripathi’s vision and the world of Meluha are extraordinary. I am proud that Dharma is associated with both these films. But all the details will be revealed at the right time.

Any plans to buy the rights to the other two books in Amish’s Shiva trilogy?

Yes, we have the first right to go for Amish’s other two books too. But nothing is confirmed right now.


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