Nepal bans screening of Delhi Belly

  • Delhi Belly

    Aamir Khan's latest production venture Delhi Belly, which has been hogging the headlines for its risqué content and expletives, revolves around the life of youth ...

  • Delhi Belly

    Directed by Abhinay Deo, Delhi Belly's tagline screams 'shit happens.'

  • Delhi Belly

    Aamir Khan feels Delhi Belly will affect his image as a family entertainer.

  • Delhi Belly

    Delhi Belly also stars Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapoor alongside Imran Khan.

  • Delhi Belly

    Director Abhinay Deo says the language used in the adult comedy might offend a section of the audience.

  • Delhi Belly

    Aamir Khan feels Delhi Belly could be a turning point for his nephew's film career.

  • Delhi Belly

    Bhaag DK Bose has become a youth anthem which smartly turns a Bengali name into an expletive.

  • Delhi Belly

    Vir Das had to groove wearing five-and-a-half inch platform heels for his solo song Jaa Chudail.

  • Delhi Belly

    Aamir says despite having cuss words, the film has a sensitive outlook.

  • Delhi Belly

    Imran Khan is sharing screen space with mamu Aamir for the first time in a promo video for Delhi Belly.

Barely two days after its release, Nepal government on Sunday banned screening of Delhi Belly due to reported reluctance of cinema hall owners to remove some scenes.

Local media reported on Monday that the country’s censor board stopped screening of the Hindi movie as some scenes containing obscene dialogues were not deleted.

The film that had been given an adult certificate (allowing viewing by those above 18 years) was being screened in several cinema halls and multiplexes in the Kathmandu Valley and had got rave reviews.

“We issued the certificate on condition that more than five dialogues would be removed. But we found that the movie was screened without removing them,” ‘Republica’ quoted Chetan Sapkota, a censor board member.

Police raided Gopi Krishna Movies, which is also a distributor of the film, on Sunday evening and seized prints.

Following a censor board complaint, the Kathmandu district administration has stopped screening of the movie till further orders.

Meanwhile, the censor board is reported to have approached the home ministry to take appropriate action against the film distributor and cinema hall owners for defying its directives.

On Monday, many cinema halls like Jai Nepal, which was screening Delhi Belly for all shows, wore a deserted look. A security guard informed that many people who were not aware of the ban returned dejected.

“We have replaced Aamir Khan’s movie with Amitabh Bachchan starrer Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap,” said an employee of the OFX Cinemas, owners of Jai Nepal and two multiplexes in the valley.

As per the country’s censorship laws, the distributor could be fined a sum of NRs 10,000 (Rs 6250) or jailed for a maximum period of one year, or both for defying the board’s orders.

In 2000, the Nepal government had banned Hrithik Roshan’s films following riots over a rumoured statement by the actor about hating the country and its people. Four people had died and dozens injured in the violence. 


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