No boyfriend this Valentine’s? 10 film characters you can totally date

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  • Updated: Feb 12, 2016 17:16 IST
Who’s your guy? We have a selection of dreamy dudes to choose from.

Why should the search for love get so concerted in the month of February? Why should one drown in self help advice regarding finding a mate in the second month of the year.

You may blame Saint Valentine but the real culprits are the card companies and florists. If you can’t fight them, join them. So instead of being a kill-joy and cribbing endlessly about the lack of a soulmate, here’s the next best option – just create a make-believe man of our dreams.

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It is easily achievable too because movies have done most of the work for us. When you have Mr Darcys and Rajs waiting for you with arms wide open, who needs real men and real life complications of love? Follow our advice, rent these films and let your imagination run wild.

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By the end of this list, you will be spoilt for choice and no real man will be good enough for you…

Raj Malhotra, DDLJ: Naam to suna hi hoga? Shah Rukh Khan’s NRI lover spoiled an entire generation of women silly with his sheer awesomeness. Funny, smart, rich, loving, considerate… phew, can we have this guy already?

Rana Chaudhary, Piku: This man is real. He won’t sell you sop and mush but will take you, your crotchety father and his portable potty on a road trip across India. Irrfan Khan’s Rana will also match you quip for quip, comment for comment. And oh, those eyes.

Rancho, 3 Idiots: Genius, great friend and really funny – what’s not to like? Aamir Khan’s Rancho also teaches kids in his free time. So again, what’s not to like?

Liquid, Pyaar Ka Punchnaama: He will drive you to the salon, will burn midnight oil to finish your work and still be thankful that you are in his life. Did you say you wanted a boyfriend not a dog? There is just no pleasing some people.

Chitti, Enthiran: Your own personal Google who can dance, sing, beat up the goons and hold intelligent conversation. And he is Rajinikanth * die of happiness*.

Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby: Leonardo DiCaprio in any film, every film. He will not earn an Oscar for this performance but before you say ‘this is a terrible mistake’, we offer our heart instead. Oh, his pathos.

Mr Darcy, Pride and Prejudice: Colin Firth had us when he stepped out of the lake. The lovelorn looks and brooding romance was the icing of the cake. Now this is the man for happily ever after. There’s just that little matter of Elizabeth Bennet.

Han Solo, Star Wars: He is a man’s man, handsome as the devil and with a half smile that is leading to an inside joke, a dirty one. Now this is the man you want to take home, not necessarily to meet your parents. Harrison Ford, you tease.

Peter Quill, Guardians of the Galaxy: If the whimsy takes you, call him Star-Lord. He is funny, resourceful and looks like Chris Pratt. We would date him based on his one-liners alone.

James Bond: While this character offers us a lot of choice in terms of the one we want to choose, we zero in on Daniel Craig. Aside from his commitment issues and the fact that girls he dates end up dead, he is quite a package. But then, who wants commitment when you can have James Bond?

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