Not all Rs 100 cr films are great: John Abraham

His last two films, Race 2 and Shootout At Wadala (SAW), have been hits, earning big money at the box-office. Now, as John Abraham gears up for his upcoming release, Madras Café, next week, he opens up about the Rs 100 crore club, doing different films and controversies among other things.

Any pressure to make Rs 100 crore with your upcoming film?
Not at all! Even if my film makes Rs 20 crore, I will be happy because I know that I have made an honest film. I am not part of that club. I’ve been pulled into it since I have delivered huge hits, but I like being known as someone who will always take the unknown path. I like doing different things but at the same time, I don’t shy away from the commercial space.

Bollywood actor John Abraham
Your thoughts on the burgeoning Rs 100 crore club.
Not all Rs 100 crore films are great ones. Some-times people watch films because they just want to be entertained. It is just a number today, tomorrow it will be R150 crore, because it’s not due to the quality of films, but the changing nature of film business. As an actor and producer, I make films for different target groups. If my target audience is small, my films won’t do that kind of business.

Is it a conscious move to do different roles?
When I come out with a Welcome Back or Dostana 2, I know I will be completely welcomed by the audiences, but of late, they have started to see me in a different light and it is really encouraging to be appreciated in that space. I will still continue doing  hardcore commercial films too but commerce is just a by-product.

Rumours are that  your latest film is inspired by real-life incidents. Is this true?
It’s got no bearing or inclination on any party, religion or group, be it a political party or rebel outfit. We’ve made a fair and honest film. Besides we’ve got certification from the censors. So if there was something objectionable, it would have come up by now.

It’s a real film in the political thriller space. There’s a lot of inspiration from the history of India. And every youngster in the country should know what happened in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

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