Not casting Priyanka Chopra in Udta Punjab: Abhishek Chaubey

  • Shalvi Mangaokar, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Jun 12, 2014 14:54 IST

In the last few days, a few reports have claimed that Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra will be coming together for director

Abhishek Chaubey

’s next Udta Punjab; that the alleged former couple will be seen together on screen after a gap of two years. However, Abhishek rubbishes the reports, saying he’s unaware of where such "senseless news has come from".


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Ask him for the correct version of the story, and the director says, "I had finished writing the script a few weeks ago and happened to meet Shahid. We started discussing the film, and he showed interest in seeing the script, so I narrated it to him. He’s very excited, and we got him on board immediately. It all happened very quickly."

As for the female lead, no names have cropped up. "I haven’t even thought about who I would like to cast. It’s a difficult role; a very complex character, so I haven’t yet wrapped my head around who I want for it. There’s no truth to me having signed Priyanka for the movie."

The film-maker also denies that the film belongs to the science-fiction genre, saying, "No, people are imaginative."

Shooting dates are also yet to be finalised. Abhishek says, "Apart from the heroine, other important characters are also yet to be cast. It’s almost like an ensemble. Shahid, too, is very busy right now, and I’m sure my leading lady will be too. But I hope to finish shooting by February next year."

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