Not competing with Priyanka: Parineeti Chopra

  • Roshmila Bhattacharya, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
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  • Updated: Apr 27, 2012 14:41 IST

Parineeti Chopra at the red carpet.

Recently, Parineeti Chopra said at a press conference that she feels ‘inferior’ standing next to her shapely cousin Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka then retorted, “She needs a slap. I will throw her into the gym right now.” And everyone wondered if there’s another family feud in Bollywood.

Parineeti laughs it off, “It’s amazing how things can be blown out of proportion. Didi (PC) is blessed with great metabolism while I have a tendency to put on weight. So I jokingly ask her to stand far away from me. There’s no trying to catch up or compete. It’s just a coincidence that there are two Chopras in Bollywood but she is leaps and years away. I can only learn from her. The confidence you see stems from the fact that she’s there to guide me.”

Parineeti studied at the Manchester Business School in UK and aspired to be a banker. “I come from a conservative Punjabi family and it was enough that one girl was a heroine, the rest of us were told to concentrate on our studies,” she smiles, adding that her parents were shocked when she told them she wanted to be an actor too. “Fortunately, I was being launched by YRF and they knew I was in good hands.”

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