Now, Big B faces piracy

Piracy claims yet another victim in Bollywood. And this time, the victim is none other Amitabh Bachchan. A song from the actors’ upcoming film, Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap, was leaked online on Saturday. Bachchan informed his fans about the leak on Twitter.

“I think the music of #BHTBaap got put out... Lots of comments coming in especially on ‘Haal e Dil’! Whooah!(sic)” he tweeted, later adding, “Hey! Song from #BHTBaap got leaked and can be heard! It’s ‘Haal e Dil’ ... now nothing can be done, it’s gone out!”

However, he later asked his fans not to download the number. “Ok... I just checked with Viacom, our partners and the music company... the leak is from the processor perhaps. The production infor-ms me that official hardware (CDs) are out on shelves on Monday, online release same day. Do not download pirate.”
Recently, Chhamak Chhalo, Kareena Kapoor’s song from RA.One was also leaked online.

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