Offbeat films make profits: Rajat Kapoor

  • Ankhon Dekhi

    A still from Ankhon Dekhi.

  • Brijendra Kala, Ankhon Dekhi

    Brijendra Kala also features in Rajat Kapoor's Ankhon Dekhi.

  • Rajat Kapoor, Sanjai Mishra

    Rajat Kapoor and Sanjai Mishra in Ankhon Dekhi.

  • Sanjai Mishra

    Sanjai Mishra on the sets of Ankhon Dekhi.

  • Sanjai Mishra

    Sanjai Mishra plays the protagonist in Ankhon Dekhi.

Three time National Award-winning director Rajat Kapoor is already receiving positive responses from his audience for his next, Ankhon Dekhi, that is set for a March 21 release. Although he is not anxious about its box-office results, he is content that people are connecting with the story after watching the promos, and the film at its few preview screenings.

Rajat believes that there is an audience for offbeat films, and that’s what makes them commercially viable. "Offbeat films make profits, and that is how I am able to make one movie after another. There is commercial viability because there is an audience for such cinema," says Rajat, adding, "I must say that, whatever response we have got to the theatrical trailer, songs, and to the film at the few screenings we’ve had in India and New York, USA, the warmth I have received makes me very hopeful."

Interestingly, the director also wanted to reunite with actor Sanjay Mishra, with whom he has previously worked in Phas Gaye Re Obama (2010).

"He is one of the most talented actors in the country. When I was writing the script for Ankhon Dekhi, Sanjay’s face kept coming in front of me. So, in a way, I wrote it for him. And as soon as I finished writing it, I narrated it to him, and I said, Whenever I make the film, I’ll cast you," says Rajat.


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