Peshwa descendant alleges Bajirao Mastani distorting facts

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  • Updated: Nov 19, 2015 18:00 IST
Deepika and Priyanka in a still from Pinga. (YOUTUBE GRAB)

As far as songs go, Pinga from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani was everything you expect from the filmmaker – grand, ostentatious and with a million glowing diyas. However, it is the controversy which followed in its wake that has made it top news.

After the song with Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone was trolled by Marathi fans for being Dola Re part 2 and not keeping to the tradition, a Peshwa descendant has now taken on Bhansali for ‘distorting’ facts and making a mockery of Peshwa Bajirao.

The descendant, Mohini Kakarey, has written an open letter to the filmmaker alleging that he has not done any research before making the historical film. Karkare wrote in her letter on DNA’s website, “The time has now come to speak out, to speak out against the picturisation in the song and certain scenes from your movie, Bajirao Mastani. The latest song Pinga and the dance sequence which you have promoted have a lot of undesirable elements. This is not fiction, Mr Bhansali. You have portrayed real people who have been recorded in history. The Peshwas ruled for more than 100 years. Did you do any research at all? Did you, for instance, understand the life and times of people in the 1700s? Do you know and understand their behavioural pattern?”

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The film has Ranveer Singh playing Peshwa Bajirao, Priyanka Chopra as his first wife Kashibai and Deepika Padukone as his lover Mastani.

Mohini claimed in her letter that Bhansali had distorted facts in the film. For one, Mohini wrote Kashibai couldn’t have danced as she walked with a limp due to tuberculosis and arthritis. She went on to say in the letter, “Kashibai would never get into a dance routine even if she was healthy because that was not in the culture.”

The letter said traditionally nauvari (nine-yard saree) is draped in such a way that it doesn’t show “even an ounce of skin,” as opposed to low-waist draping in Pinga. She also claimed there was only one formal meeting of Kashibai and Mastani in their lifetime.

“Kashibai was the daughter of Mahadji Krishna Joshi from Chaas and was known as Chaskar Joshi. Her descendants are still alive. Mastani was not a courtesan or dancer. She was the daughter of Raja Chatrasaal of Bundelkhand. She was married to Bajirao and was his second wife. Mastani’s descendants, the Nawabs of Banda, will give you enough proof of this,” Mohini wrote.

“Proof of all the facts is available on Peshwe Gharanyacha Itihas by Mr Pramod Oak and you will find plenty more proof here in Peshwe Daptar. Bajirao was a great warrior second only to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. With this so called love story you have made a mockery of him. You have insulted the very essence of Maharashtrian families. This will definitely create a flawed image about such a great personality and his family,” she signed off.

Hindustan Times could not independently verify the report.

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