Rakhi Vohra kicked about her next

Actor Rakhi Vohra is very excited about her upcoming film, My Husband’s Wife, alongside Pavan Sharma and Alisah Khan.

“The film is about a family. It’s about how my husband gets involved with another woman and I have to win him back,” says Vohra. She adds that she had a lot of fun doing the film because she did not find her character challenging. “It is a simple role of a housewife. So, there was nothing difficult about it. Ghar grihasti sambhaalne waala role hai (The role is about taking care of the house and family). She also loved shooting in beautiful locations. “We have shot part of the film in Malaysia, so we had a lot of fun. We shot in some very scenic locations. Pavan and Alisa were both good co-stars,” she says.


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