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  • Updated: May 05, 2011 18:21 IST
  • Ragini MMS

    After making a bold statement with Love, Sex and Dhokha and Shor in the City, Ekta Kapoor is back with another sex flick Ragini MMS. ...

  • Ragini MMS

    In the movie, cameras which were meant to capture love-making between the couple, witness something that is beyond the realm of human understanding

  • Ragini MMS

    Real life Ragini plans to sue Ekta Kapoor.

  • Ragini MMS

    Within the confines of this house, Ragini and Uday are now at the mercy of an unexplainable paranormal force.

  • Ragini MMS

    Horrors clubbed with supernatural angle have aroused greater interest in this film.

  • Ragini MMS 1

    Ragini MMS poster had created outrage due to its explicit sexual content.

  • Ragini MMS

    Ragini MMS revolves around a couple who go on a holiday and their intimate activities are being captured on camera. But there is more to ...

  • Ragini MMS

    Ragini MMS was shot both in Telugu and Hindi at the same time.

  • Ekta Kapoor

    Ekta Kapoor who's slowly gaining the reputation of producing bold films has also made films like Love Sex aur Dhoka, Once Upon a time in ...

  • Ragini MMS

    Ragini MMS is reportedly based on a true incident of a girl whose boyfriend tried to shoot a sex MMS with her.

With an MMS scandal, a supernatural presence and sexual scenes, Ragini MMS might sound like a fictional Bollywood sex flick, but there's a real life story behind it.

Ekta Kapoor's upcoming paranormal thriller Ragini MMS, which is grabbing headlines for his sexual content, is based on the story of 22-year-old Delhi girl Deepika.

Talking about the incident Deepika revealed that she had gone to spend a night with her boyfriend at the outskirts of Delhi, "I don't wish to reveal my surname. You can understand why. But yes, Ragini MMS is inspired by what happened to me one night when I went out with my boyfriend. I was 19 then," reports Mumbai Mirror. "The area was very dark. Somehow, I got a lot of negative vibes when I entered that place. But then when you are with a person you trust, you know how it is. I did not pay any attention. But I was very uncomfortable throughout the night. All along, I felt somebody was watching us," said she.

On being asked why she trusted the guy, Deepika confessed, "I was with him for five months already. I guess we wanted to take the relationship to the next level. He suggested we go to this place his friend owned. It was our first night out. Agar kuch dikh nahi raha tha toh wahaan zaroor koi paranormal activity ho rahi thi. I felt that that the place where we went was very eerie," reports the tabloid.

And much to her horror, she found out that the laptop was on and her boyfriend had recorded the entire passionate interlude. She hasn't met the guy since the incident.

The girl's friend who works wih Balaji informed Ekta about the story. Deepika revealed, "First I shared everything with my friend in Balaji, then I also spoke to Ekta,"

While the film is set for a release, Deepika still hasn't seen the film. "I don't know why Ekta is not showing it to me. I am very stressed," rues the girl.

On the other hand, a source from Balaji said, "Deepika's concern is justified. We'll show her the film. But the release date is still a good eight days away. So, perhaps sometime next week," said a source from the production house.


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